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Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set Wearable Hydration Pack - AW16


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Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set Wearable Hydration Pack - AW16

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Product Specification

S-Lab - Salomon Laboratories have developed special products in response to the needs of some great athletes.
Sensifit (Pack) - Innovative construction using self adjustable fabrics. creating bounce-free equipment.
Motionfit Trail - A new design based on freedom of movement.
Cocona 3D Mesh - Helps your body more efficiently maintain an ideal core temperature and dry quickly.
Soft Twin Link - Designed for even more comfort and softness. 2 elastic sternum straps connect to eliminate pressure on the ribcage.
Different from the rest of the collection. S-Lab developed products are specially configured to meet the needs of supreme athletes. Sensifit utilised within the construction of the pack conforms to the body for a customizable fit. delivering stability; supplemented with elastic power mesh and 3D mesh. stretch and breathability is granted to the wearer. Constructed with the latest in thermoregulation technology. active particles work to release moisture vapour. seeking to induce the relative temperature you need to conduct activities whilst at your optimal levels of performance. Further benefits include 4D front soft hydration located on the front side of the pack. allowing for quick and easy hydration. 2 soft hydration elastic front pockets enable storage of flasks. collaborating with 2 further side zip pockets and a chest pocket. The assembly of pockets continue with a kangaooroo back pocket and zipped front pocket. Providing innovation to the design. the blaster valve. a new engineered valve blasts water for quick hydration.